Pondzilla Enzyme

Pondzilla Enzyme

Our PondZilla*, a pond cleaning and clarifying product, is an adjuvant unlike any other. It's not a surfactant, oil or stripper. PondZilla works at the cellular level for better penetration. Applicators have used it to degrade dead organic matter.

Applicators like it because it cleans up the muck and sludge. They get called out to clean up plant material and have to tell the customer, "I cannot kill dead." PondZilla accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and recycles nutrients quickly. In effect, PondZilla starts a process where the naturally occurring bacteria and aquatic fungus can take over.

For ponds that receive a lot of leaf matter, this is a good way to break them down. Leaves from soft maple and fast growing trees tend to degrade better than pine needles and leaves that are high in lignin (oak leaves). If leaves are already decomposed PondZilla will help degrade them further. If leaves are fresh PondZilla will complete the degradation over the course of a summer. PondZilla also degrades pollen from pine trees, cottonwoods or others.

NOTE: PondZilla DOES NOT kill aquatic plants or algae.

Price is for 1 Gallon