Nature’s Liquid Balance

Nature’s Liquid Balance

Your pond, not unlike the famed Galapagos Islands that inspired Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem. It is home to its own specific blend of bacteria, hand-picked by nature to provide nutrient and muck uptake. While your pond may not make the journal Science or give rise to the next great biological theory, it does deserve special attention to help its ideal blend of cultures prosper and be productive.

With this in mind, we developed Nature’s Blend and Nature’s Balance, unique formulas of bacterial cultures-many which naturally occur in lakes and ponds and a few that do not. Either product will perfectly balance your pond by encouraging all cultures to work in harmony.

What product is right for you? Do you prefer using dry bacteria or liquid bacteria? Nature’s Blend is a dry formula in water-soluble packets and Nature’s Balance is a concentrated liquid.

1 Gallon